If you are using the latest version of Google's Chrome browser and you get a message that 'Adobe Flash Player is Blocked' while you are trying to broadcast live, you will need to complete the following steps to enable Flash in Google Chrome.

Please Note: You will only need to do these steps Once.

1. Open a new tab in Chrome

2 Enter chrome://settings/content/flash into the address bar and press enter.

3. Turn off “Block sites from running Flash.” by moving the slider shown in the image to the right and the text will changed to “Ask First” as shown in the image below.

4. Click X to close the settings page.

5. Find the grey box marked “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player.” as shown in the image below.

6. Another pop-up will appear, click the button “Allow” as shown in the image below.

7. Click to Allow your cam and mic as shown in the image below.